The Tenth Anniversary of the Star of Azazel!

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The Tenth Anniversary of the Star of Azazel!

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Today, July 7, is the tenth anniversary of the Star of Azazel.

A few days ago we held our annual meeting in Tampere, Finland, and it was once again great to see all the old & new brothers and sisters. The work that has been made to get to this point has been such that the word "immense" is not strong enough. It has been a Herculean labor, but here we are, the society is healthy with many interested & inspired members, hard-working and easy-going, without the need for outside grandeur, for such grandness of attainment is always present inside. - Had I seen this when, fifteen years ago, I was writing the latter parts of Fosforos "in order to find even one or two people who might get something from this", I would have been very happy indeed.

Every now and then people ask about the history behind the Star of Azazel, so here is a timeline to put things together:

Having been sought true spiritual truth from everywhere possible, I finally found what I was searching for in the theosophical works of H.P. Blavatsky and Pekka Ervast, the two occult authors that still are the most important ones to me personally.

I wrote Polyharmonia (the first title was "Of the Philosophy of Oneness and the Practice of Pure Magic") as the first book of mine. Its ideas form the basis of the brotherhood's philosophy of oneness.

I wrote he first rules for the Star of Azazel and compiled them to a manuscript book in June 6. First full version of Fosforos was compiled and bound to a small amount of books. Other books, mostly untranslated as of yet, followed.

After several failed attempts to find people interested and capable for finding the society as a physical reality, I met with the later co-founder (later known as Nagahel or Lux) & decided that we will use one year more in attempt to find interested occultists & Satanists to join to found the physical society.

I resigned from the Theosophical Society, which had given no answer to my query whether the Luciferian work would be possible as a theosophical lodge work. I had been a member of TS about seven years.

The third founding member (later known as Keefas) joined to me and Nagahel/Lux, and we visited his home town Virrat to found the brotherhood in July 7. I had brought some texts - the first articles that are also found in the SoA website - to outline the brotherhood, and they were accepted as they were, as was the constitution that we wrote there July 6. Having slept over the discussion the demand of love was added to the constitution the next morning, after which the founding paper was signed by the three of us.

2007 -->
The next years saw the gradual shaping of the brotherhood's outer form, like the formation of the aspects (first the three esoteric colour aspects, then the three exoteric form aspects corresponding to them, and then the final seventh aspect to join the esoteric and exoteric sides), formation of the rules, and so on. Because of the differing opinions about some central ideas how the things should be handled, the two co-founders were among the members who either resigned or were dismissed from the brotherhood during the next years.

Many thanks to all the brothers who are, have been, or will be members and co-workers! Ad perpetranda miracula rei unius; to accomplish the miracle of the philosophy of oneness.

At the same time when I was writing this, I just received my own personal copy of the translated Argarizim: The Fall of Lucifer. Since writing this book was the first thing after the physical brotherhood was founded exactly ten years ago, this is the best way to start a new decade of the Star of Azazel.
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Re: The Tenth Anniversary of the Star of Azazel!

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Thank you for sharing. This was very moving to read.