Artistic representations of Satan & other LHP deities

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Re: Artistic representations of Satan & other LHP deities

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obnoxion wrote: Fri Jan 10, 2020 2:44 pm There has been some common ground in the forum in experiencing Satan as the wind in the trees. Now, I am an avid reader of the Hindu Puranas, and I recently found a touching passage from the 18th chapter of the Linga Mahapurana, where Vishnu praises Shiva in these words (translated by Shanti Lal Nagar):

Salutations to the wind or the one who has the force of the wind and the one who pervades the wind.

Such association gives a new dimendion of depth, I feel, to the unique Impressionist depictions of windy scenes with trees and foliage, such as Renoir's "Trail in the Woods"
Back to the theme of wind in the trees...

I just listened to an interview with David Lynch. He told that, at first, all he wanted to be was a painter. But then he got the idea of a painting that moves, and the rest is history. This is a familiar story to most who have interest in Lynch and his work.

But in this interview he went into details of the circumstances of the idea of moving painting. He says he was painting a scene of garden by night. Lynch describes the paintinng as mostly black, with some visible greens of the foliage. Suddenly, he saw a wind in the painting, and the leaves begun to move. And this was the exact happenibg that guided him from painting to making movies.

I have a book of Lynch's paintings, but I think these are more recent work, and don't include this painting of the garden by night. If someone gets hold of the painting, I am dying to view it.
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