Sieidi hikes & retreats

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Sieidi hikes & retreats

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Although the activities of Sieidi as a lodge ended earlier this year, our aspiration for practices in nature has remained and we aim to have at least one annual hike or retreat. In the name of clarity I think it's reasonable to keep the earlier lodge name as the name of the practice and as a reminder of what are the meanings and aims of it. The epidemic forced us to cancel our earlier plans of this year's hike but things changed so we were able to go hiking with Fra Fatuus. This was our third hike under this theme. I will add small reports of each of our three past hikes to this topic at later occasion.

Plans of the next year's hike will be revealed early next year. A smaller 2 - 3 days hike some time in autumn 2020 has been discussed but schedules are not yet clear. We welcome all members of SoA as well as trusted and known people who are not members but have been actively participating on forums and/or meetings.
The main ceremonial activity is to go through the seven celestial hymns and rosary within a week long hike. Other tasks might be added, for example searching for an object or a place that corresponds with the symbols of the celestial ruler of the day.

The hikes are beginner friendly with moderate day trips in terrain that is mostly easy to walk. Those with more experience and will to challenge themselves have the option of summiting mountains/overcoming other obstacles after the day's main distance is travelled.

If you are interested in hiking but have not dared to start by yourself, this is a good way to begin and to connect it with spiritual activity. You will be helped with choosing equipment, how to take care of basic needs during the hike and how to prepare for the hike in general. Each hike has been very unique change in spending a longer period in good company with many insightful discussions, sharing interesting experiences, retreating from the normal day to day life into a different kind of setting which gives us the possibility to immerse into spiritual practices in natural surroundings and simply observe nature.

New ideas and different forms of the practice will be discussed separately with participants if needed. We have discussed about some potential new ways of practicing and the ideas might be shared here later. As the situation of the world is what it is, we might also plan practices to be done from a distance if participants are not able to travel to the locations of the hikes/retreats.

Questions will be answered in this topic or by sending questions and other inquiries to aquila at